Welcome to Fine Art Mugs !!

This e-commerce site is all about bringing the beautiful world of classical art into the home at an affordable cost and available whenever you feel like a cup of coffee and culture.

This is quite a new site but one with a long pedigree. Planetic Ltd, the owner of the site, was founded by the same person who previously created Mezzo Mondo Fine Art well over 20 years ago. Its website was one of the very first e-commerce sites in Europe, and the art history information and high quality images on the site were a reference for many, including some famous museums, such as the Louvre in France, and Tate in the UK. They also had a brick-and-mortar art gallery in south-east France, close to Italy and Monaco.

Alas, as ever more art companies came on line, mainly from Asia, Mezzo Mondo Fine Art was unable to continue.But its legacy lives on, and Fine Art Mugs marks Tony’s return to the pubic fine art world following a long absence.

On Fine Art Mugs, visitors will find not only beautifully painted mugs but also some fascinating art history literature, much of it dating back 100 years or more and giving a fascinating peek into the aesthetic ideals of the past, thus putting the art into a meaningful context to make it more easily understood and appreciated.

We sincerely welcome you to this site and hope you will keep coming back, since we will constantly be adding more mug designs and literature. And maybe even other products!